Sue Bradford – The Quote that Says it All

From Lindsay Mitchel:

15 March 2007

Sue Bradford has confirmed parents will not be able to smack their children after her bill is passed.

When questioned again today about the effect it would have on parents, she was asked whether it would be possible to smack children after her bill becomes law – and she said no…..she says it is *already illegal to smack children* but her bill removes a defence of reasonable force for the purpose of correction.

29 September 2008

Today’s Herald poll on attitudes to the Section 59 law change shows just how confused next year’s referendum question is, Green Party Children’s Issues Spokesperson Sue Bradford says.

“While this survey shows that many of the people polled believe ‘a smack should not be a criminal offence’, the question fails to recognise that *smacking has never been a criminal offence*, and still isn’t….. No offence of smacking or spanking was created, and I believe the proponents of the referendum have deliberately confused the issue. (My emphasis added.[& extended by S1])

The woman is a liar of the highest order. She knows that what she is saying is completely and utterly misleading and false, yet she says it anyway without the slightest hint of shame.

This is what the Green Party bring to our parliment folks… and they wonder why Labour supporters leaving that party aren’t staying on the left.

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