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More on Bible Bashing

Stuff has more on the Manurewa “Bible Bashing”. It seems that the guy is something of a nutcase, who holds Hawkins responsible for supposed poisoning going back at least 2 years.

The man claiming responsibility for the attack says he warned Mr Hawkins two years ago he’d be bashed with the bible.

Colin Neil McLachlan sent a letter after the attack to Mr Hawkins, Prime Minister Helen Clark, Mr Hanna and the Manukau Courier. In it he describes himself as a reverend and the “keeper” of the 5kg bible.

Addressing the MP as “Dear Sinner”, Mr McLachlan says the bible was printed in 1866 and was blessed by the Presbyterian Church of Scotland.

“The last New Zealand politician it was throwen (sic) at was dead within one year of being hit by the blest book,” the letter says.

In the warning letter to Mr Hawkins in August, 2006, Mr McLachlan says the last time the bible was thrown was in Fiji in 1922.

It had caused “little or no damage to the blessed book but had serious affects (sic) on the politician”, Mr McLachlan writes, signing off with “Kind regards”.

Mr Hawkins says the man had been “waging his own war” against him and had abused his electorate staff.

“He thinks we’re poisoning the food in New Zealand and I’m particularly responsible.”

The man had warned him 18 months or two years ago that “I would have this bible hurled at me”.

When the man leapt on to the stage, Mr Hawkins recognised him and braced for a verbal assault.

“I thought it would be fairly vigorous but I didn’t think it would turn to violence.”

Mr Hawkins says he’s been in politics a long time but has never been attacked before – with a bible or anything else.

While some people love pretending that Evangelicals are dangerous radicals, this is a genuine case of a crazy nutcase within Christianity. I’ve run across a couple in my time, and they usually have some pretty far-out ideas, and often their conspiracy theories revolve around the international banking system. It seems that food was this guy’s thing.

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