Face the Music

Reading comments today about how Labour is, once again, leaving a crap economy for National to fix up, I was reminded of when I was learning music and practicing for the end of year concert.

My teacher pointed out time and time again, that no one really remembers how you started, but everyone remembers if you make a mistake at the end.

I wonder how this government will be remembered?

My personal hope is that National takes immediate steps to make sure that what is remembered is the utter corruption that seeped into our nation over the last 9 years, to the point where we have cabinet talking today about whether or not they approve of Contact (a private company) raising their prices.

Helengrad indeed.


  1. Michael Bassett’s article “Winston and the Privileges Committee” 24/9/08 sums up the situation. http://www.michaelbassett.co.nz/articleview.php

    He had this to say about MMP in an earlier article
    “If the government does change, and we get the promised referendum on MMP, it is possible that a system that constrains National from saying what it knows to be right could be thrown out. Proportional representation has lowered the quality of parliamentarians wherever it is tried, and it breeds corruption as we have seen with Winston and his big backers, especially within the racing industry, who have used him to extract big sums from us, the taxpayers.”

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