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That’s what Hooton says about pointing out another Labour lie.

“Cullen is Lying”

The headline, of course, has all the shock value of “the sky is blue” or, as Chris might put it, Knoll Ridge is a better run than the Rock Garden in the spring.

But these two sentences from the Herald story this morning entitled “Govt ignored advice to brief Key on scheme” simply cannot be reconciled:

“Reserve Bank Governor Alan Bollard wanted to brief the Opposition leader on the development of the deposit guarantee scheme before it was announced at the Labour Party campaign launch on Sunday but the Government did not approve it.”


“A spokesman for Dr Cullen said there ‘were no instructions to not brief the Opposition’.”

DPF puts it more strongly.

Reading Helen’s response to the issue of the Government refusing to allow the Reserve Bank to brief Key and English, was one  of those moments. As the Dom Post puts it:

7/10 “I think we should have been consulted because of the magnitude of what’s going on today.”

National leader John Key reminds Helen Clark and Michael Cullen that in 3 1/2-weeks he could be the one left holding the baby over any decisions made in the final four weeks before a possible change of government.

3/10 “I think once again he’s been caught sleeping on the job. He purports to know about international finance markets. If he can pick up so little that he doesn’t pick up that both New Zealand and Australia are likely to move sooner, rather than later, on a deposit guarantee scheme, then frankly, you wonder what that experience is worth.”

Labour leader Helen Clark fires a cheap shot back.

It is more than a cheap shot.My thoughts on reading it were unprintable.

Stuff like this really does anger me. That is because it is permanent damage. You destroy a convention and it is very very hard to put it back together. It is an eternal lowering of the standards. It is because of these shameful actions that I have changed my mind 100% on having a written constitution.

The Standard in contrast, are laughing.

Key is just upset because he ended up looking like a dork yesterday but that’s his own fault. He and his advisors should have known what was coming, everyone else did. Does he expect the Government to give its policy to the other side for them to announce? Sorry, that might be the National way of doing things but it’s not what responsible governments do. Next, he will want Clark’s speeches sent to him for preapproval.

Some things are bigger than politics. It’s a maturity thing, both at the country and personal level.

But if you don’t get it, you don’t get it. Just don’t expect people to treat you with the same level of respect when you’re not the top dog, that’s all.

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