Clark Crying Foul, Creates Fantasy World to Cope with Loosing

Oh dear, it seems that Clark can’t handle loosing.

Having been beaten in the debate, she’s accusing him of having a tantrum and almost crying.

Really pathetic. Not for the first time, out PM can’t take the pressure. Unlike in the past however, she can’t hide away and has to face the music so she makes up a silly story for the press to run with.

Update: No Minister has a good post.

Also, ZenTiger points out in comments that Clark calls this “professional analysis”.


  1. And at the end of that article, the tries to pass off her little tirade as ‘professional analysis’:

    Last night Miss Clark said she did not think the campaign was bitter and today said she was just offering a professional analysis of how it went.

    A tad cheeky.

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