Associating with Evil People

Catus Cate muses about associating with evil people.

Personally, I believe that, as an openly Evangelical Christian, I’m evil enough in my own right to not have a list. Gosh, I even oppose abortions and believe that God led me to marry my wife! (We don’t discuss the bog much, but I think he knows about it even so.)

“Helen Clark has never left New Zealand to work. She’s never had to work for profit. She’s never had to work with people who haven’t had their backgrounds checked or had to work with money to turn a profit for shareholders.

She sits in her ivory tower, then in her ‘Hive. She judges others by who they have dealt with and even those who it is proven that they haven’t. She uses “Bag Man” Pensioner Williams to go dig the dirt when there’s plenty on him as he’s actually had experience in the real world.

If she is squeaky clean then it is solely because she’s never taken a corporate risk, never had to live in the real world, never had a real threat that she might lose her job and has lived in such a protective bubble that no one other than the inner-circle gets to deal with her.


She’s never actually had to has she?”

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