Helen’s Own Goal

Oops, while Helen’s latest move looks like it will give her power, that ball actually rolled into the goal she is supposed to be guarding.

If the Maori Party go with Labour, then they will not have a 75% majority. National will have no reason to change its policy and Labour/Maori Party will fail to entrench the seats. Labour can not deliver on entrenchment without National.

Now what happens if the Maori Party go with National, and as part of that they manage to negotiate that National support entrenchment in exchange for various concessions on other issues. Well they also will not have 75%, But here is the great thing – Helen has already announced that Labour’s policy is now to support entrenchment. Labour will have to vote to entrench the seats, even though they are not in Government, or risk a mighty backlash from Maoridom for having lied to them about supporting entrenchment.

In her desperation to get close to the Maori Party, she has massively blundered by giving away one of her major post-election negotiating items. She has actually given the Maori Party an increased incentive to go with National, as that is the only way to get the 75% needed to entrench the Maori seats.

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