Where is the ‘Sphere going?

Here’s something that people might also find interesting.

I thought it would be interesting to track how the blogosphere was going as a whole, especially in the leadup to the election.

Well, in the best traditions of this blog, I never got around to taking stats each day, or week, but for what it’s worth here is the differences between the months.

Simply put, the lower the line stays, the higher the rankings that blogs are getting. Not much changes to the international rankings, but there is a significant increase in rankings at the lower end.


Also took note of the average ranks for the top 20 ranked (which may have changed)

NZ was 911 in Sep, 843 in Oct meaning that the top blogs are more highly ranked in terms of all NZ web sites.

International 382 Sep, 405 Oct meaning that our blogs are less read internationally.

So nothing surprising. New Zealanders are turning their web browsers to blogs more but internationally, NZ blogs were less read – quite explainable in light of the US election.

Pretty odvious, but nice to see the actual numbers.

Note: Blog list, and original concept from Tumeke, who have a more considered ranking of the NZ blogosphere here.

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