You want the Truth? You can’t handle the Truth!

Heh, I think this is so funny.

One Labour supporter repeatedly asked Mr Key to “tell the truth” about the changes National would make to the Employment Relations Act.

Eventually Mr Key’s frustration boiled over.

“The truth is you’re an idiot,” he yelled back.

Well, if you keep asking for the truth, sooner or later someone is going to give it to you.

Especially the case given Labour have been protesting at National party events throughout the years they have been in government. Pathetic really, and it’s quite degrading to the country in my opinion to have the government party attacking the opposition like that. The underlying attitude (“hold the opposition to account”) is so similar to Zimbabwe.

Despite the loud opposition, Mr Key was mobbed by supporters who wanted to shake his hand, chat and get their photo taken.

But who gets the headlines? The people, or the agitators?


  1. A comment from Shawn Tan on Kiwiblog:

    The EPMU has a strike fund of over $1million.

    Remember the Progressive strike orchestrated by the NDU? Imagine the damage they could have caused with $1million.

    Under Labour’s Industrial Relations policy, released on Labour weekend, strikes will be made legal for the purpose of stymieing a restructuring/outsourcing that occurs during the term of a collective agreement.

    With the resources it has, the EPMU has the potential of crippling our manufacturing industry through strike action.

    Next time a leftie tells you there is an “inherent imbalance of bargaining power” in an employment relationship, point and laugh.

  2. Ah no, John Key’s the idiot, on two counts:
    1. Losing his temper and yelling at a voter, who actually appears to be rather straightforward and sensible.
    2. Getting into politics in the first place, because all he’s doing is allowing himself to be a pawn in the game of international high finance and corrupt politics and so forth. He’s going to be the figurehead of a corrupt Government that’s going to change employment laws drastically in order to benefit the very select group of corrupt crony capitalistic middle-aged white men, and will therefore become a national (and possibly international) figure of hate for the majority of citizens.

    Nostradamus himself (a very wise man) has predicted that socialism/communism/leftist ideals and policies will become a thing of the past and we will return to widespread conservatism/capitalism. It seems like, under Obama (and Key), this prediction will become a gloomy relaity for those of us who are alive to witness it.

    Many events, I have been told by my influential and powerful friend in Washington (a retired corrupt multi-millionaire financier, turned good) have been orchestrated in order for capitalism to take hold globally like never before. The major aim the rich and powerful had, in implementing the credit crisis, was so that there’s an excuse to introduce extremely strict banking regulations, so that pretty much only the current rich can borrow more, and the rest of us have to sell our homes and live in rented accomodation (our houses, in most part, being sold to the crony capitalists for less than what was paid for them).

    Obviously it was Clinton’s job to bring in legislation to cause this crisis in the first place. Arguably he should be hung and quartered for it, the smarmy smug bas##rd.

    Bush Jnr’s part in this whole bloody mess is somewhat unclear (although it’s probable that he was the one instructed by the powers-that-be to actlike an idiot in order to anger the americans and invoke change)!

    And politicians like Obama have the privilege of inducting the world to a new social order, where people are poor but happy and materialism becomes a thing of the past for everyone (except for the select group of crony capitalists, who could very well be the happiest out of all of us).

  3. Another interesting thing: John Key is currently an atheist. But watch what happens from now on, because he could convert to Christianity, or a religion that purports to be Christian-based.

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