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End of an Error

She’s all over.

National and ACT have 64 between them (I was counting Dunne earlier) and the opposition will have 58 – a clear majority. No minority coalitions. Key will surely work with Maori and Dunne though.

Tauranga is final, Winston is out. Good riddance to bad rubbish.

Clark is out as PM, no more manipulating the leavers of government to stay in power. No secret mini-budget in December, no more EFA controlling opposing interest groups during election year. New Zealand’s second women PM will be remembered as one who squandered the good times and was kicked out as things went very badly wrong on her watch.


Update 11:11pm: Full on talk about Helen – will she go? Williams can’t be drawn, thinks they’ve renewed the ranks. Yea, with Helen loyalists, at the expense of the center.

Labour 21 electorate seats. Burns and Robertson won – stink.

Update 11:17pm: Helen leaving. Hunt recons she’s the best PM he knew. Well, she did honor him as one of the top 20 living NZers. “Do you have a preference for new leader?” – very quick no!!

DPF happy.

Update 11:21pm: Clark entering to applause and cheers. 99.7% counted.

Update 11:32pm: Starts with a “all languages” greeting. Sorry, again campaign is over. She’s won the electorate. Proud to lead the party and won last 3 elections. Congratulates John Key. “Tonight is a night for the winners to savor, but we won’t ge going away”.

“We are very fortunate to live in a democracy.” Accepts responsibility for result. Says her only objective was to serve New Zealand, ok, now we know she’s lying!

He job to lead Labour to electoral respectability. There and back I guess.

Wong won Botany.

She’s proud of her record. “Years of advances in health and public eduction” – what’s she been smoking!?!

Elevated all kiwis regardless of faith, gender bla bla – unless you’re exclusive brethren.

“this is a time for rebuilding, and that process has already begun.” Thinks they’re going to bring new ideas. Year right, they all worked in your office. “doesn’t go up in flames on a bonfire created by the right wing of politics” – ok, now the bitterness comes on.

Cullen thanked. Family & Peter thanked. She’s standing down!!!

She’s standing down!!!


Update 11:34pm: John Key leaving.

Update 11:44pm: Clark being interviewed. Seems their internal polling was off. Heh, pity that.

Eff. % % MPs
National 49% 45 59
Act 4% 3.7 5
Lab 36% 33 43
Green 7% 6.4 8
NZF 0% 4.3
MRI 2% 2.2 5
Prog 1% 0.9 1
UNF 1% 0.9 1
96.4 122

11:46pm John Key arriving behind tight security.

11:50pm John Key speaking – New Zealand has spoken!

They have voted for change 🙂

There will be a new National lead government in New Zealand. Thanks every New Zealander who cast their vote for National today.

Easy to type this one, constantly interpreted with cheers!

Patience rewarded. Heard the message – New Zealand can do better! “I simply say thank you.” – very humble.

“NZers voted for a safer, more prosperous New Zealand”

100% counted.

Recalls riding his bike past houses of those better off as a child. We have the ability to make our lives better. New Zealand has so much more potential – this is not as good as it gets. We fact challenges but we will rise to them. We have advantages. … most of all our incredible kiwi ingenuity.

rocky road ahead. Need to be on top of our game. Unity of purpose will determine success, will depend on individuals.

All have perspectives, have debates, as it should be. Now is a time for working together. Need everybody pulling in same direction. … bla bla.

Whether you voted for National or not you have his pledge – I will lead a government that serves the interests of all New Zealanders, that rewards individual achievement, supports those who cannot support themselves, that we can all be part of.

Thanks Helen Clark. She was gracious. Admires clark, work ethic and desire to make country better. Always ensured our voice was loudly heard on the international stage (many hate us for this incidentally!!).

Spoke to Hide and Dunne. They have indicated support – will work towards establishing a new government.

Also spoke to Turia. Expressed willingness to engage in dialogue next week.

Thanks volunteers.

Thanks president (he’d better thank his family soon!!) then thanks Bill down south. They know how to have a good time down there!

Thanks Stephen Joyce for running a great campaign. Thanks caucus – now much bigger. Thanks candidates.

Cheers Auckland Central victory – what a cracker!, others…

Thanks voters of Helensville for re-electing him again. (18.5k majority.)

TVNZ cuts coverage of speech 12:04pm.

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