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Morning After

Well, after singing “Ding dong the wicked witch is dead” about 20 times, my wife got sick of it and told me it was mean.

Then suggested Clark could get a job on the remake 😉

Still can’t believe Clark and Winston are gone. Actually, beginning to wonder if Clark is going anywhere – she’s gotten her cronys in power and still has her seat. Hm.

I will miss Ron Mark – he was a clear sensible voice, and his experience in the military was a valuable addition to parliament in a time of war (or denial thereof).

Just waiting for the “The Standard” style satire where they suggest that Labour could still form a government because ACT was created from Labour!

But in reality, this is the largest party vote ever under MMP.

It will be interesting how the negotiations with ACT go. Between those and getting access to the full, up to date books, Key has ample opportunity to trim back some of the more silly promises he’s been making.

Roger Douglas is back. Why ACT did that, I have no idea. Next thing Rodney will put on wait and go on a perk busting crusade.

Update: Wife (who objects to my proposed knickname of “tiggy”) suggests an ACT bottom line may be repeal of the Section 59 repeal. Let’s hope so.

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