Christian Parties

Christian, and christian values parties didn’t do so well in this election.

That’s quite understandable, the entire concept is tarnished badly. Graham Capill, Destiny’s antics, Field, it’s a mess. They most mainstream, the Kiwi Party isn’t a christian party, but that bases it’s policies on Judeo-Christian values. But they made several unimaginably major stuff-ups.

So why would anyone give their votes to any of them is beyond me.

That said, the Family Party’s strategy of going for an electorate is the right on in my opnion. If there is to be a push back against liberal policies, the groundwork must be done in local communities 3 elections ahead of time.

Starting now.

Things like getting involved in local councils, school boards of trustees and such.

Well what are you waiting for? Get on with it.

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  1. Agree heartily scrubone. I refuse to vote for a “Christian” party – I would far rather see Christians rise to psitions of influence within the mainstream parties – such as Winnie Laban, Chester Borrows, Chris Auchivole and Tim McIndoe have done – where there is a possibility that their faith can really make a difference.

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