When Liberal Talking Points Collide with Reality

Heh, this is funny. I’ll let Newsbusters do all the commentary.

On Tuesday’s The O’Reilly Factor, FNC host Bill O’Reilly showed clips from the Kalb Report show in which moderator Marvin Kalb, a veteran of both CBS and NBC News, interviewed O’Reilly. During the interview, which was recorded on September 27, O’Reilly managed to embarrass Kalb as the liberal host seemed to criticize President Bush for ordering American troops into war after the President himself “avoided military service,” but he seemed to forget that Bill Clinton, who ordered a war against Serbia, dodged the draft and avoided military service altogether while Bush did at least serve in the National Guard. Kalb posed the question: “Do you believe that a President who avoided military service himself should be sending young men and women to fight in what are called ‘wars of choice’?”

After O’Reilly flippantly asked Kalb if he was talking about Bill Clinton and pointed out that Bush served in the National Guard, Kalb claimed that “Bill Clinton did not start a war such as the Iraq War.” After mentioning that Clinton ordered war against Serbia, O’Reilly charged that Kalb was asking “another left-wing question,” and took a jab at the moderator: “You wanted to hit Bush, and then I hit you with Clinton, and you were going, ‘Uh-oh, I forgot about him.’ Come on.”

O’Reilly also notably pointed out that several intelligence agencies – including those of Britain, Jordan and Egypt – had agreed with the Bush administration that Saddam Hussein possessed weapons of mass destruction: “We talked to people in British intelligence, Egyptian intelligence – we, the Factor staff – and Jordanian intelligence to confirm what the United States intelligence was putting out. … So I’m going, ‘If Blair, Mubarak and the Jordanian guys are saying the same thing, who am I to say it’s bull?’” The FNC host also noted that terrorists Abu Nidal and Abu Abbas had taken refuge in Iraq before the invasion: “I’ve also got Abu Nidal and Abu Abbas inside Iraq, notorious terrorists. And they got all this stuff confirmed by four other intelligence agencies. I got Tony Blair out there telling me the same thing. I got Bush, and I got Bill Clinton saying the same thing.”

Screaming the same BS over and over is never a substitute for having the facts on your side.

I have had several conversations in recent months, where people have simply never questioned the liberal version of events until I point out some facts that are not exactly hidden…

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