Boy is that a thin resume!

Obama’s resume is now under scrutiny by the MSM – only a few weeks too late.

It’s even thinner than anyone imagined. Boy, the next 4 years are going to be fun. Now who was it who said that the presidency was no place to learn on the job….?

Morain doesn’t directly ask these questions in his piece, wisely preferring to let the facts talk to the reader. But, a careful read of his L.A.Times piece cannot help but elicit the pertinent question: what the heck was Obama doing during those four years, anyway? After all, it sure doesn’t look like he was doing much legal work!

Here’s how Morain sums up Obama’s paper trail:

30: The approximate number of legal cases Obama was involved in:

4: The number of years Obama was a full-time lawyer

70%: The amount of time Obama spent on voting rights, civil rights and employment, generally as a junior associate. (The rest of his time was spent on matters related to real-estate transactions, filing incorporation papers and defending clients against minor lawsuits.)

3,723: The number of billable hours Obama accrued while working at Davis, Miner, Barnhill & Gallard.

According to Morain, some of Obama’s “big” cases were the case of a shortchanged babysitter, the case of a cold building tenant, and a lawsuit against a corporation that owned low-income housing on behalf of a guy that slipped and fell down. Additionally, Obama was involved in the enforcement of the federal Motor Voter law in Illinois — at lest that one being a higher profile case.

So, it appears Obama has less billable hours during those four years than most young lawyers are expected to accrue (which is up to 2,000 hours a year according to some estimates), worked on but few cases, and only on one notable one. On top of that, he was rarely more than a “junior associate” the whole time.

…and I do wonder how foolish those people who were “concerned” at Palin’s experience, when McCain is still alive and kicking in 4 years time.

Yep, as long as the Reupbiclians can get their act together, this shoudl come together nicely – so long as The One doesn’t destroy us all first.

Oh, and this gem via LGF.

Nor did the Republican ticket lose because “values voters” stayed home. On the contrary, according to exit polls, such voters made up a larger proportion of the electorate this year than in 2004 — 26 percent, up from 23 percent. Extrapolating from those data, McCain actually won more votes from self-identified white evangelical/born-again voters than Bush did four years ago — 1.8 million more. But that was not enough to offset the loss of so many moderates.

Get that: McCain lost moderates, while the base stayed with him.

Think about that: the moderates didn’t want to vote for a moderate.

That’s so screwed up it’s not funny.


  1. I think the last eight years were funny – I thought that FNMA (Fannie Mae) inquiry the Democrats headed off was hilarious.

    “Nothing to see here, move on” played so well.

    Then there was Al Gore’s home power bill, one month exceeding the typical Americans yearly bill. You’d think with the millions of dollars he makes with his carbon offset company he could afford to go solar and wind.

    Then there was…well, lets not dwell on the past. There is much promise of hilarity in the future.

  2. ZenTiger, its just a re-run of the Rise and Fall of the Roman Empire. Western civilisation as we know it is in meltdown. There will always be a hard core of American capitalists who will always expect excellence, not socialistic mediocracy but in time, their gated communities will become Fortresses and the disenfranchised poor will become feral and left to fend for themselves. Survival of the strongest.
    Al Gore? LOLOL (just as he is laughing at the dumb buggers who believe his AGW doctrine)

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