Palin Eats Helpless Animals

I’ve just watched the Palin interview again, and I still can’t see anything that comes close to turning my stomach.

I can’t even work out what the censored version is trying to hide.

Ok, so I’ve been involved in taking a few animals (sheep mainly) through the process from live to cut up and frozen so I guess a shot like that won’t bother me even if it were a close up.

But when we have movies watched by vast swathes of the population that show people being slaughtered in all sorts of gruesome ways (“Kill Bill” or “Saving Private Ryan” anyone?), I can’t help but think that this is some sort of “morality” equivalent of the “shoe shine boy” story told about stock markets.

Because something is seriously out of kilter here.


  1. Having just seen the video (assuming it’s the same one from your earlier post)…I have to say that the only bit I felt was inopportune was when she said “this is fun”. Now I suppose that was referring to her publicity act of pardoning a turkey as a whole, but I can see how a political opponent with an axe to grind could make a meal of it (if you’ll pardon the mixing of metaphors). “Ooh, that nasty woman’s saying it’s fun to participate in the mass slaughter of animals!”

    I also suspect that, because most adults have some ability to distinguish between fantasy and reality, the fact that a person watches (or doesn’t watch) violent movies is largely independent of his or her attitude to slaughterhouses, or political leanings. On the other hand, he who watches a violent movie, then goes out and buys a Thanksgiving turkey, but objects to being made aware of the killing of said turkey…seems a little odd.

    Not to mention a bit childish. Like the kid who is annoyed to discover that dinner is necessarily accompanied by cooking and by washing the dishes.

  2. The people who complain about Palin obviously feel some close kinship with the Turkey in the picture.

    Being animal lovers and Palin haters they may want to kiss my ass too.

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