Campbell Live follows party line

Samuel Dennis points out a silly thing that happened on Campbell Live tonight.

It seems that Texans are buying up guns, big time. That’s fine – outside of the rather odd observation that none of those purchasing had used a gun for protection (surely that’s the point – it means they’re working as a deterrent) the report to a really odd turn…

But how does Campbell Live illustrate what this is about? Using a survivor of the Virginia Tech shooting, calling for more restrictions to stop such events because guns are bad. Well pardon me, I thought that shooting occurred because guns were restricted on campus so no-one was able to stop the shooter. Virginia Tech is the perfect illustration of why America should NOT be tightening the gun laws. There are so many guns in circulation there that the criminals have no trouble obtaining them, so restricting guns just leaves their law-abiding victims defenceless. [a point well made by those purchasing in the report- S1] In New Zealand, with far more restrictive laws than the USA, criminals have no problem obtaining high-powered weapons. Think how much easier it would be in America.

Interesting, because I saw this the other day. It seems that there is some rethinking going on with how the police respond to shootings. NewsBusters praised this honest reporting a day or so ago.

At this point, Mr. Keefe could have taken the emotionally satisfying and intellectually lazy approach: “Let’s take their guns away and everything will be okay.” A student of gun control journalism may want to stop reading at this juncture to avoid another disappointing tour of Fantasy Island, but instead, Mr. Keefe explains how law enforcement reviewed and modified its tactics because the old procedure of waiting for a team of officers to assemble produced tragic consequences:

Based on the Virginia Tech data, experts determined the first officer on scene should make entry immediately with an aggressive attack on the shooter.

Every minute the officer waits for back-up, another three or more people could die.

In other words, while it was once considered suicide for a lone officer to take on an active killer, it is now considered statistical homicide for him not to do so.2

The text remains relatively neutral, leaving an opportunity to travel down a well-worn media path, but the conclusion notes some basic truths about mass murderers:

The other statistic that emerged from a study of active killers is that they almost exclusively seek out “gun free” zones for their attacks.

In most states, concealed handguns are prohibited at schools and on college campuses even for those with permits.

Many malls and workplaces also place signs at their entrances prohibiting firearms on the premises.

Now tacticians believe the signs themselves may be an invitation to the active killers.3

Mr. Keefe concludes by listing attributes of mass murderers:

1. They want to quickly inflict maximum damage.

2. They have no intention of surviving.

3. They select “gun free” zones because it virtually guarantees no “interference” with point 1.

4. When confronted with armed resistance, the murderer commits suicide.

Keefe’s article concurs with John Lott’s research published in his book The Bias Against Guns:

If right-to-carry [liberal concealed carry] laws allow citizens to limit the amount of attacks that still take place, the number of persons harmed should fall relative to the number of shootings… And indeed, that is what we find. The average number of people dying or becoming injured per attack declines by around 50 percent.4

Hm, facts. Personally it’s the right’s persistence in sticking to facts that has always persuaded me over the left’s hysterical and irrational screaming.

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  1. “The other statistic that emerged from a study of active killers is that they almost exclusively seek out “gun free” zones for their attacks.”

    That is very logical, but it is great to see someone has actually done the research and confirmed it. So let’s go make the entire country a gun-free zone, that will solve everything. Yeah, right.

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