Tagline Changed

I’ve changed the tagline – once again inspired from Sideswipe.

I was going to use the “Cherish the cloth grass” quote, but then I read the tomato thing again and was reminded how often being on the right is like that – perfectly reasonable, but hated by so many people who don’t bother to think very much, or admit their mistakes.

Police launched a drugs raid on a home in Scotland, but discovered only the 79-year-old owner’s tomato plants. Uniformed officers burst into Lulu Matheson’s house, kept her son Gus in his bedroom for two hours, handcuffed her grandson Stephen and turned the house upside down. The afternoon raid involved three squad cars, seven officers and sniffer dogs. They told the family they were looking for cannabis, but after searching for several hours had to concede the green plants visible in the window from the roadside were tomatoes.
(Source: www.theherald.co.uk)

Feel free to leave samples of irony in comments.

Update: I should point out that I don’t like tomatoes… part of the irony.

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