Christmas Offenders

It’s commonly assumed that bloggers have no life.

While musing on this fact today, it suddenly occurred to me today that the ultimate test of this is… how many blogs were posted on Christmas Day.

Now, I extracted the addresses of all the posts that came through that day. Now, all I could easily get was the addresses and they’re not always meaningful. So I assumed that if one post was posted that it was a “Merry Christmas” post such as I myself put up.

So who did more than that?

Well, Adam Smith felt that he needed to put in a few words with three posts, all of which were pretty christmassy. So that’s ok.

Dear John just had to tell us about the dangers of protectionism. (Adam Smith then ruined his record by commenting!)

Homepaddock put up a couple of summer recipes, and a cartoon.

No Minister put in a few… but then there are several authors there some of which are in the UK. We can overlook that.

Oswald Bastable found a few things to say in a couple of posts, something about drinking…

The Visible Hand in Economics posted a rather heavy essay called “The morality play of the “non-morality play”“.

Fundamentally, I believe that these economists are making an implicit moral judgment … we cannot take them as an a-priori truth, and we should try to understand the dynamics of how we got where we are in order to make any sort of conclusion. Stating that ignoring these dynamics somehow makes our analysis value free…

Yea, big demand for that sort of thing on the 25th…!

Now, everyone’s favorite blogger did get in a couple. He informed us all about Disney’s decision to pull out of the Dawn Treader movie, and mused about the supply of White House interns (attracted by Obama’s pecks). Step away from the keyboard Mr Farrar, it won’t hurt, I promise!

Another rightie also had trouble with his technology habit. Mr WhaleOil posted 3 missives, but due to technical reasons (and the fact that I’m dead lazy) I have no idea what kept the good orca away from his Christmas turkey. Let’s assume that various personages were called muppets, loonies and/or numpty twats and leave it at that…

But the award for “Blogger with the Least Life” goes to…., with a grand total of 17 posts on everything from Big Tobacco to sustainable cities.

Seriously, get a life mate!


  1. Plea in mitigation: I was in Argentina on Christmas Day so although new posts appeared on Homepaddock like almost all posts from December 14th to January 1st they were written before I left and scheduled for publication without any further assistance from me.

    On the day itself I was relaxing in the sun with friends at least 20 kilometres away from a computer.

  2. My posts were all set up in advance, had no expectation of Internet access whilst I was in Hunterville

    Regarding my response to Dear John, it was posted on Saturday 27 December, not technically Christmas, which was the only time I had access and that due to a freakish Cafenet connection for a limited time when I made two posts, all the others from Christmas Eve through to Sunday afternoon were pre-sets

  3. “Yea, big demand for that sort of thing on the 25th…!”

    Hey, it was still the 24th in the US and I was directly criticising a post that had just been made – excuses I know 🙂

    Note that we didn’t post again till the 5th of Jan though …

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