Why Hate Israel?

I despair about the sheer hatred coming out of the blogosphere against Israel.

Ultimately, Israel was founded as a place for Jews to return to, to escape hundreds, thousands of years of being persecuted.

For their trouble, they were immediately invaded by 5 armies. They have fought wars since, many deliberately designed to try and overwhelm the tiny nation before defenses could be rallied.

The enemies of Israel did not play nice, and still do not.

Having figured out that Israel would defend it’s existence in a way that no Arab army could match, tactics were changed. Arab nations decided to push those of their fellow Arabs who left Israel as a result (direct or indirect) of their own actions into camps. Some (the better ones) are in the West Bank and Gaza.

Those in Arab nations are immeasurably worse.

Israel has tried again and again to make peace. Time and time again they have been pushed back.

They have tried to passively contain the threat. They built walls to keep out those carrying weapons into their country intent on killing civilians.

Those walls are called “illegal”, even though they have saved hundreds of lives.

They tried ceding controversial territory, pulling out settlements from Israel – even those where Jews had lived since long before the foundation of the Jewish state.

In response, they have received a barrage of rockets. These rockets have been fired year after year and have now reduced a third of the population of the 2 nearby cities to nervous wrecks. (One particularly loathsome blog post I saw even implied that the people in those cities were evil. Why? They left nations like USSR, where antisemitism was state policy, to come to Israel.)

Finally, Israel decided to do something about it.

Yes, people are dying. While Hamas need only look at commonly available maps to aim their rockets at the nearest kindergarten, Israel has compiled extensive databases of phone records, so they can give warn innocents to get away from their targets.

There are extensive videos online showing mosques, schools, houses being exploded by Israel’s bombs, then exploding again as the ordinance stored in those public buildings goes up.

Yesterday, 30 children were killed in such an explosion in a UN school.

Their blood is on Hamas, one of the most disgusting collections of human beings in the world. A group that would quite happily finish the work begun by Hitler if given the chance. I stand against the propaganda that wants us to believe that those lives that Hamas takes are somehow Israel destroying another group like Germany tried to destroy them.

I stand against Hamas, without question or reservation. I stand against people who walk into crowded markets to kill those there. I stand against people who would spit on those who give them what they ask, because what they really want is to kill the giver. I stand against the treatment of Arab nations of their own people, of nations that demonize a racial group in order to extend their tyrannical power.

While I respect people who have different perspectives, some of the twisting that is going on is insane, sick.

Apparently, we should be worried about the children being killed. Well, of course we should – let’s start with those rockets aimed at kindergartens? No?

How exactly can these people continue to claim to not be anti-semitic?

Israel is killing innocent people, it’s true. But it’s Hamas that’s putting those people in the way of the bullets.

Update: This was published by accident last night, I was still thinking about whether to publish or review etc. I guess it’s out now, so I’ve added something to the last sentence to make the ending make sense.


  1. I would like to make one point. You say Israel has tried to make peace. I think that is a false perception that has been spread.

    Barak claimed that the Palestinians were offered 90 per cent of the West Bank territories whereas, in fact, they were offered 42 per cent of the West Bank area plus Gaza. Even then the West Bank would be covered with Israeli settlements, each of which would be defended with an Israeli garrison. Roads connecting the settlements would therefore provide fast communication for the Israeli army, thereby cutting up the so-called Palestinian areas into pieces remote from each other. It was hailed as “most generous”, “perhaps too generous”, by the Israeli propaganda machine at the time.

    Arafat was unable to accept the agreement because of this reason.

    Violence will never solve the war. It will only create more violence, and more destruction. It will never ever end this way. Depriving the livelihoods of a people will cause more desperation, more violence.

    Israel’s actions have been responsible for generating the violence which they purport to fight. The Palestinians have nothing to lose, they will not stop their violence by being attacked, that is thing that spurs it on, and causes the Palestinians to end up voting for Hamas. It is like Medusa’s serpent head. If you cut of one, it will just continue to grow back.

    The root of the problem lies in giving the Palestinians a fair deal once and for all. Which means full self-determination, and control of their own borders, as well as fair access to resources. The solution is simple, but Israeli’s are too afraid to go down that path. Instead they do what they think is safer, but sadly it is the least safe.

    I am a fan of the Buddhist solution to conflict. Did you ever here about how the ancient Indian prince Asoka handled conflict with his neighbours?

    (I am not Arab, nor Palestinian, nor Israeli, nor do I have any vested interest. I am just a student of International Affairs who cares about justice.)

  2. It is important for me to to say before you read this that i do not wish to add more fire for this situation nor i want to create more hate between Israel and Palestine but rather only a true understanding of the other side. please read this and i would be happy to know your honest comments
    Regarding Mrs. Klein anti-Israeli article

    The occupying Gaza that was mentioned in the article on the 10.1.09, Klein mentioned
    That all the world should boycott Israel.
    Three years ago that you all might be busy in the daily news, the Israeli government decided that she is tired from getting to any agreement with
    The divided Palestinian people, and decided a one side decision that it is going to get out of Gaza and clear all the settlements around it.

    You can google it – the disengagement – it really happened.

    You all must be asking yourself, why, is so, the Palestinian people did not do anything to build them self their own economy? good question. the answer is that the terror leadership of the Palestinian preferred to invest all its resources and time in arming and shooting Israel. not attacks over soldiers or settlements since they are not around but only on civilians – regular villages. amazing news not?

    For 15 years Israel is trying to find a arrangement with the Palestinian people, in 2000 Yaser Arafet got a proposal that “he can’t refuse” a proposal that gives him more than 90% of the land of east Jerusalem! his reaction was the second Intifada, of course.

    The Palestinian people suffer greatly, all will agree. but the occupation – that is a result of the historian attack on the ’67 borders of Israel – as very little to do with it.
    The bad lack of the Palestinian is that every time that are been lead by leaders that are thirsty for blood and money from Iran.
    These people that without thinking twice, killing their own people if they try to resist their own leaders – that were been selected “democratically”. their terror crimes upon Israel include only by killing civil ans and in schools, teenagers parties, restaurants, busesץ When the Hamas took over Gaza it killed more than 600 Palestinian, and guess what? the Al-Jazeera news station was not there.

    Moreover, the Hamas is not ashamed to say and publicly that their cause is holy – to erase Israel from the map, that no Jew will no longer pollute the air, you better google them also? highly recommended.

    The War in Gaza is not against the Palestinian but rather only on the Hamas!it is not a simple problem specially because that the Hamas people chose hospitals and schools as their hiding places. but since that the Hamas is shooting on Israel for years not, and killing children, women and men, the Israeli government had to agree on a very hard decision – the war on Gaza. but the Israeli government should spare on the Palestinian people more than its own people?

    The Hamas, refused in all the last there years, for a one sided cease-fire – he wants to continue the killing and the missiles launching, interesting what would you do in this situation? just stand and wait for them to kill you? is this is the solution that you are trying to achieve by boycott Israel?

    Could be that you ask yourself why no one is talking or writing about these things?

    the answer is for Mrs Klein especially, the answer is really sad but real. that although Israel has extremely well high-tech skills, and dozens of novel prizes, its public relation, is not getting even 1% of recognition. Israel is a failure when it has to explain it self.

    But on the other side Mrs. Klein is wizard in public relation, for your new book that is coming out, you are choosing to avoid the clear facts, and show a clear ignorant. will you do to recognize your new book with these popular, opinions that are antisemitism?

    I do not recall you or any one saying boycott Russia, Georgia or boycott USA for invading Iraq, or even the Turquish for killing the entire Armenian nation.
    Lilach Sigan,
    Globes Newspaper.

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