But they’re not totally sure…

Am I the only person who finds it outrageously funny that the UK atheists are telling us there is “probably” no God?

Gee, sounds like there’s a slim chance that there might actually be one. Maybe people should investigate for themselves, perhaps look into religion a bit deeper?

Seems like an own-goal to me.

I’ve got a post brewing about one of my favorite evidences – because I am quite certain that God not only exists, but is all-knowing, all-powerful and most of all all-loving, a being far greater than anything we could ever possibly imagine.


  1. That’s the trouble with us atheists, always sticklers for being factual…it’s logically impossible to prove a negative, and 99.999 etc % is still only “probably”. We don’t do that desperate belief in the absence of evidence thing called “faith”.

    Having said that, given the opportuity, I’d have gone with “There’s no god, so just HTFU.”

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