Consistency in Protesting

So there’s a call for Shahar Peerto withdraw from the ASB turniment. It’s idiotic.

However, the protesters have (for once) explained how this might actually make an impact.

Mr Minto said Peer should withdraw from the Classic to bring attention to the plight of Palestinians.

“She is a high profile figure in Israel, and for her to make a stand would have a significant effect.”

Ok, but then in the very next paragraph we have this.

Global Peace and Justice was asking demonstrators to bring old shoes to the protest.

“To show the base of your shoe is a grave insult in the Middle East, which is appropriate to her participation in the tournament.”

So they’re going to insult her? Do they want her to withdraw or do they want to chase her away?

Because if they do that instead, all that says to Israel is “the world hates you”.

I think that news is about 4,000 years old.

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