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Bizarre. Why can’t the government just let people make their own mistakes and leave it at that?

The Australian Food and Grocery Council, and now the federal opposition, have attacked the Rudd government’s preventive health taskforce, challenging its credibility over fat taxes and claiming Vegemite could be forced off the shelves because it is too salty.

Speaking in Brisbane on Wednesday, Mr Dutton said a fat tax on Vegemite would be ludicrous.

“We are calling on the Labor government to rule out this absurdity, to make sure that Australian families won’t have to pay a tax on Vegemite,” he said.

“They don’t need to be served up a menu from the Rudd government about what they need to eat and drink three meals a day.

“This is a government which has gone completely out of control in terms of nanny-state government and they need to make sure they rule out this tax on Vegemite.”


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