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Here’s an interesting chart I came across by following various links from the wordpress front page.

It shows the popularity of various blogging platforms.


As you can see, blogger has an early lead, and is still growing slowly.

WordPress has gone from nothing to be t he leader by quite a margin.

Moveable type (DPF’s old engine) has gone from a distant second to footnote.

Typepad has alwasy had a  small following, but you have to pay for that service so that’s not really suprising.

No idea why there’s a jump late 2008!


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  1. WordPress is infinitely more extensible than Blogger. Witness the vast difference in layout between your blog, mine and (if you dare!) the Standard.

    I presume the difference lies in Blogger being a proprietary interface and WordPress being open-source.

  2. I always thought your blog was wordpress?

  3. Yep. That’s my point. WordPress lends itself to far more customisation than Blogger.

  4. YAA Adding this to my bookmarks. Thank You

  5. The problem with this methodology is that the term ‘blogger’ is very overloaded – not only does it mean ‘a blog hosted on’, but it also means ‘a person who blogs’. A still flawed (but perhaps more accurate) representation of the market share of various blogging suites can be found at:

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