Seen on Tumeke!

“Israel! USA! –
How many kids have you killed today?”

Hang on – how many years was Hamas aiming rockets at kindergartens for?

There’s little left to say, it feels now.

One can only hope!

Phosphorus shells raining down in urban areas,

Perfectly legally used for smoke screening…

Israeli military targeting every member of the Hamas and any government employee in uniform as well as any government building

Hamas leaders should be killed, why exactly should they not – just because you’re elected to a parliament, doesn’t mean you’re above the law – ask Clinton.

Ditto for buildings used by terrorists.

As for the claim that “any government employee in uniform” is being targeted outside of any terrorist connections… that’s exactly what it it, a claim.

– and they aren’t overly fussed how many civilians get killed in the process.

Except for all those leaflets and telephone calls they made, and the targeting of actual military targets.

None of which Hamas bother with – they just aim at the children and pull the trigger.

Gaza City is basically under siege, the whole strip is encircled by Israel – with Egypt on one side doing Israel’s bidding.

And that siege is a direct result of hostile actions towards Gaza’s most prominent neighbor.

There is not a single country in the world that would not try and isolate a territory that was sending gunmen into their population to murder civilians, who’s government had openly sworn to the destruction of the neighbor.

Israel has responded to the dozen or so rockets that were launched the other day by a deeper round of attacks into the refugee camps. The Hamas political head in Syria reportedly said that negotiations were useless now. War rhetoric from Hamas most likely, this is a dark hour for them

A dark hour for murders and terrorist is surely an hour of emerging light for freedom and democracy!

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  1. Tumeke is good for laughs….thats about it.

    The censorship there is unbelievable. Mostly you would never know. Occasionally you’ll get to see a comment before it is deleted by the ‘boys’. The few that I’ve seen have be perfectly reasonable within the realms of what passes for debate there, yet if it doesn’t support Bombers (and sometimes Tims) views its gone with any follow up deleted too.

    This from men that leave up a comment calling for Jews to gassed. Other comments on the same thread were deleted so they can’t say they didn’t see it. It was there for two days at least.

    Sad, lonely, horrible, mixed up little white men with serious problems recognising reality.


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