Many still believe that Israel conducted a massacre in Jenin in 2002.

It was interesting to read in Wikipedia today just how thoroughly that myth has been debunked. (I guess the “may have been civilians” doubt may be because 21 terrorists dropped their guns when they were shot!)

As part of the operation, which involved incursions into West Bank cities and towns, Israel targeted the refugee camp of Jenin, after it deemed that the camp had “served as a launch site for numerous terrorist attacks against both Israeli civilians and Israeli towns and villages in the area”.[3]

During the fighting, rumors of a massacre circulated.[4] While Jenin remained sealed during the invasion, stories of civilians being buried alive in their homes as they were demolished, and of smoldering buildings covering crushed bodies, spread throughout the Arab world. A large area in the camp was destroyed as a result of the fighting but subsequent investigations found no evidence to substantiate claims of a massacre. The final death toll was 52 to 56 Palestinians, of whom 5-26 may have been civilians. 23 IDF soldiers were also killed in the fighting.

I guess we’ll see with the current situation.

It’s sad to see otherwise sane people start hyperventilating about a “genocide” or “holocaust” when reports start mentioning that any number of civilians have died, no matter the nature of those reports. Time will tell as to how the figures from this latest episode stack up.

Still, it’s amazing how many people can’t get the idea that Israel has the moral and legal right to fire back at those who commit war crimes by deliberately firing indiscriminately towards civilians. It’s also amazing that they can get away with talking about how Israel is “targeting civilians”, given the lengths they go to, and the antics of Hamas.

Because all civilians deaths in this conflict can be placed at the feet of Hamas.


  1. I’m still waiting for the next “PALLIEWOOD” production so I can laugh at dead bodies that get up and walk off during the funerals like they did in Jenin.

  2. If any positives can be drawn from the horror that was the unprovoked attack on the people of gaza it is that more and more people, including Jews in europe and amerika have woken up to the oppressive murdering monster the apartheid state of israel has become.
    Israel broke the ceasefire in November when it sent an idf attack squad into Gaza to stir up trouble. before that there had only been 3 rocket launches from Gaza in the preceding 6 months and none of those were launched by Hamas. They were launched by a Fatah breakaway gang. A faction loyal to fatah boss Abu Mazen which split when Fatah leader Mohammed Dahlan’s israeli inspired coup against the legitimate elected government of Hamas failed in June 2007.

    Hamas arrested the rocketeers just as they have arrested every other Abu Mazen loyalist group which seeks to undermine the Palestinian cause by providing the idf terrorists with flimsy excuses to murder by firing their hopeless imitations of Hamas’ Qassam rockets.

    The penny has finally dropped in the west. For example when amerikan jew Elizabeth Wurtzel tried the usual ‘all those who criticise israel are closet nazi’s along the peculiar but pervasive ‘anti-semite’ accusation in last weekends guardian,
    The paper was flooded with angry readers disgusted that the zionists had sunk so low as to call all who abhor violence against children racist.
    Over the years the guardian has been a particularly odious supporter of Israel, while it proclaims to seek out all manner of injustice it has always turned a blind eye to israel’s oppression. eg Two arab parties both of which currently have representatives in the Knesset, have been disallowed from running in the 09 general election.
    So the fishwrap’s editors were at a loss to explain this to the powerful zionists who contribute to both the english labour party and it’s organ the guardian.
    They tried deleting many posts but that became too much to do so in the end the proponent of free speech closed the comments section.

    The worm has turned. soon israelis will be begging palestinians for agreement on a two state solution, but that ship has sailed.

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