Halfdone is changing

I’ve been finding that I’ve spent too much time on posting lately. Even if I’m not posting, I’m spending too much time reading other blogs which distracts from what I should be doing throughout the day.

So, after some consideration I’ve decided to change my personal priorities.

Mainly, this will mean that I won’t be posting as much. Just how much remains to be seen however. It will probably be very little. I’ve also cut my blog reading list by about 2/3, removing a lot of blogs that I’ve been reading for years. Frankly, I don’t think my day will loose much from not reading certain people who’ve never held a real job in their entire lives.

I know that many people will have trouble coping without me. I suggest healthy dose of MacDoctor (who has been echoing my thoughts rather a lot lately) and Homepaddock (for that rural realism).



  1. Blogging can get in the way of real life if we’re not careful so while I’m sorry you won’t be posting so regularly I understand the reason and appreciate the referral.

  2. Hi Scrubone, I totally understand. I’ve cut back dramatically on my reading of blogs (look how long it took me to read this post!) and blogging myself. I’m on a really tight schedule with the homeschooling this year, so cannot afford to spend the time (even at nighttime). In fact, I shouldn’t be here and should not have written a blog post, either. Oh well, back to real life!

  3. It took me even longer to read it, so I’m obviously doing the same thing! Yes, blogging takes a lot of time. I have chopped down my reading list enormously too, especially the left-wing blogs, but it also keeps growing as I find more good conservative & right-wing blogs…

    Enjoy real life, it can be a shock, you have to learn to focus on things further away from your face than a foot or so, and there is this really weird thing called “rain”, don’t worry, it doesn’t hurt.

  4. Totally understand. I wish we could afford to take time out too but as MandM is a lot about landing Matt a job we cannot afford to slow down – despite how much it is wearing us out – as we cannot go on living on my ACC.

    Enjoy your family time. 🙂

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