From the “You Must Be Joking” file

This has caused me to spit the dummy each and every time I heard it.

Barack Obama’s in the running for the most prestigious award for peace, along with French president Nicolas Sarkozy, who is among a record 250 nominations for this year’s Nobel Peace prize.

The man started his current job just over a month ago.

He’s barley done anything outside spending stupendous amounts of money and telling big fibs about it.

It’s actually a wonder Bush hasn’t been, most people would agree he’s done a lot more, even if only (as some would say) by stepping down.

The new head of Norway’s Nobel Committee Thorbjoern Jagland chaired on Thursday for the first time the five-member committee that awards the prize annually in Oslo and he said in an interview the prestige of the peace prize must be guarded.

“The peace prize is one of the most prestigious prizes in the world and it is not an easy task to keep it at that level – one must be careful choosing the prize winners so that the world community accepts and takes note of it,” he said.

“It is a prize for the entire world,” said Jagland, who is president of Norway’s parliament and a former prime minister. “It has to reflect the attitudes present in the world community, like it has done very successfully many times.”

The scope of the prize has grown over the decades from its roots in disarmament and peacemaking, expanding to human rights work from the 1960s and even to the fight against climate change with the 2007 award to former US Vice President Al Gore.

Critics of the expansion say the prize has strayed too far from the intention of its creator, Swedish inventor and philanthropist Alfred Nobel, in his 1895 will.

Count me on that list!

Wife want’s to know who nominated the Great O, whoever they are, they need medication of some sort.

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