Hedge Didn’t Breach EFA

Thank goodness we’ve had the end of this nonsense.

The Electoral Commission has ruled that a hedge pruned in a way that showed the word “green” was no a breach of the law.

The decision relates to the property of Aucklander Richard Green.

The commission found the hedge was similar to that of the logo of the Green Party.

It says the hedge carried no promoter statement, as was required under the law at the time, the Electoral Finance Act.

The commission found any potential breach would not have been wilful and it would not be in the public interest to pursue it further.

Ah yes, the “not willful” excuse. Seems to cover everything doesn’t it?

However, the Family Party has been referred to police. The commission found that two donations exceeding $20,000 from the same donor had not been declared in time.

Oh, except for minnows who don’t declare their donations in time. Seems a bit odd to have so many major parties escaping prosecution, and then clamping down on one of the smallest players.

Maybe they should have paid in hedge trimmings?

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  1. eems a bit odd to have so many major parties escaping prosecution,

    Like NZ First, who although guilty, because the police didn’t prosecute in time, was no longer guilty or some such nonsense.

    Wonder how quickly the police will respond in this situation?

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