Sue Spitting over Schools

Sue Bradford was spitting yesterday morning over a new report that states that the regulations for private schools are about 90 years old.

It seems that no one thought at the time to include provision to make sure that MPs of minor parties can force their hobbyhorse agendas onto private schools.

“I was horrified when I discovered they were quite open about it. They felt that the laws against using physicial punishment against children in schools didn’t apply to them, and they were also promoting these little booklets from the institute of corporal corrections in the schools actually teaching the methods of beating their children.

All of that was quite disturbing, and it was good that we shone a light on it then.”

Placing aside the inflammatory language from LLPOF Bradford, there is actually every reason to believe that the school was, at the time, acting within the law, indeed, promoting good application of legal discipline.

Here’s what the object of that slander, Michael Drake wrote a bookletabout the debate, starting with the insane, immoral, and illegal tactics of Bradford’s ally, Dr Cindy Kiro.

However, Dr Kiro went on to concede there are experts who do advocate the use of physical punishment. Their advice was that physical punishment should have “very clear limits …is not severe, and that the punisher is under control.” We agree. These were key points in the information we sent to parents, but which Dr Kiro described as inappropriate. She abused us in public for openly distributing the same advice she gives in private. When asked if smacking with a hand is more appropriate than smacking with an implement she would not respond.


In summary, the Commissioner would not answer direct questions about her opposition to smacking. Instead she alluded to unreliable research without producing it, falsely cited the United Nations  Convention that does not (despite her claims)  require states to end smacking, denigrated minorities, claimed authority to define valid Christian doctrine, made illegal and fallacious criticism of me and my school, and used all that to validate a personal opinion about the use of force she wants to force on the rest of us.

There is much, much more in the link above. Mr Drake even made a OIA request for policy documents and discovered (after the comissioner breached the deadline and the law) that there was no, zero, zilch, nada, research behind the policy pushed so hard by the Commissioner. His book destroys the credibility of the research that does exist, and also goes into some depth showing the extrodinary intrusion of a state official into private religious belief.

But I digress…

(John Northsworthy, Association for Christian Schools) “They should have no power. As an independent school, the whole idea of an independent school is that it is independent of the ministry of education.”

…private schools are directly responsible to parents, who will vote with their feet if the school isn’t up to scratch.

Heh, no wonder Sue Bradford is spitting. It seems that some parents actually want to keep the state out of their children’s education.

And there’s nothing she can do about it.

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