Helen Clark should be retired – not promoted

I have a real problem with someone who runs things like this

And we won’t even talk about the the fact that the reason Wellington got called Helengrad is that because anyone who dared to disagree with Labour was put on a blacklist. Not only would they not get board appointments – their firms would be ineligible for any government contracts. This was all common knowledge. Dozens of business leaders said they would never publicly criticise the Labour Government as they would be shut out.

…being given a top job at the UN.

Labour's Brash Icon

Throw in the fact that she used her time as PM of this country to effectively campaign for the job, and I have a big problem with it.

How exactly will Helen, who ran Wellington like her own personal my-way-or-the-highway fiefdom, make New Zealand proud in the UN?

Why is someone who made serious breaches of our electoral law, who then rewrote the law by backdoor means to favour her own goverment being nominated for anything by our goverment?

Is she supposed to suddenly drop that attitude, not to mention her radical social agenda, once she takes up this new job?

Sure, dodgy people get top jobs in the UN all the time. But do we really have to contribute ours?

P.S. For those that don’t understand the image, let me explain. The Young Nats had a picture of Helen as Darth Vader on their site. They remove it when Labour complained.

Labour however, never removed the unflattering cartoon of Brash off their main site.


  1. Totally agree.

    And to hear the sycophantic commentators on the radio blathering on about how wonderful it is that Miss Clark got a job at the UN and how they wish her well … I was gagging!

  2. Well, I don’t know about that SJD. She’s made it to the top, I don’t think it’s reasonable to expect her to stay in parliament and watch Key do what used to be her job.

  3. Shipley was in exactly the same position as her, yet hung round long enough to not force a by-election. HC on the other hand gave up and publicly announced her retirement as soon as she knew the election result.

    I think it’s reasonable to expect her to do the job she campaigned for, the job she herself promised the electorate that she would do.

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