The lies about Israel never let up do they?

Israel is the “Neighborhood Bully”, and must be abused at any opportunity for the evil things they do.

In recent weeks, both the NBC Nightly News and ABC’s World News with Charles Gibson repeated charges that Israeli troops had witnessed the deliberate killing of Palestinian civilians by fellow troops during the Gaza War. In recent days, the New York Times has informed its readers that, after investigation, the Israeli military concluded that the incendiary claims were untrue and that the soldiers in question had actually been repeating rumors rather than describing events they had witnessed. But so far, neither NBC nor ABC has updated their viewers on the story. And in the case of ABC, even though some of the allegations had already been debunked, as reported in the conservative Jerusalem Post on Tuesday, March 24, the original inaccurate accounts were still repeated two days later on the Thursday, March 26, World News.

What? It wasn’t true? I guess we just assumed that because of all the other reports that are out there, that this one was true too.

What’s that? They weren’t true either?

Well, looks like the damage is done.

As the Haaretz editorial points out, these are not stories Israel can ignore or dismiss. Israel’s own soldiers have no reason to lie about what they did.

Unless you call “advantaging the political left” a reason.

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  1. I was just reading through the list of rocket attacks from Gaza and the West Bank, during the period of the truce last year.

    It makes the claim the Palestinians observed the truce extremely far fetched, yet I saw that claim repeatedly during the Gaza incursion.

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