Who Dropped Nukes?

Saw this yesterday.

Hugo Chavez wants the US to apologize to Japan.
Iran Press TV reported, via LGF:

The US is “the planet’s number one nuclear power. It is also the only country in the world that dropped the atomic bomb,” Chavez said.

“At any rate, I think America should apologize to Japan.”

Maybe – it depends on what you define “dropped” as.

Most people would define it as deliberatly dropping a bomb on an army or civilian population.

Sadly for Chavez, he overlooked this little experiement from those lovely persuers of equality – the USSR.

A conference earlier this month in Orenburg on the medical and environmental impacts of the Totsk explosion heard that the region’s population suffers shorter life expectancy and a death rate 1.8 times higher than in other similar areas, a high infant mortality and a high rate of physical retardation in children.

The incidence and type of genetic disorders in adults and children are similar to those seen in the Russian Bryansk region, downwind of the 1986 explosion at Ukraine’s Chernobyl nuclear power plant.

The 1954 experiment was kept secret for many years. Those involved had to sign documents undertaking not to speak about it for 25 years. Some 45,000 troops took part. They were dressed only in their uniforms, rubber boots and masks to watch a 40 kiloton atomic bomb explode nearby 350 metres above their heads.

They then embarked on several hours of war games as two “opposing armies”. The aim was to see how men and equipment coped under conditions of nuclear attack. Today less than one percent of these men are still alive and those who remain are ill.

The test was not at one of the main tests sites but in the Arinbuk region of Totsk in the southern Urals. It was watched — from a safe distance — by leaders from other East bloc countries.

“We were nothing more than guinea pigs,” says Shamed Shaimikhamedov, of the Committee for Special Risk Veterans which was set up in 1991 . “Most of us were in the open without any kind of shelter.”

Lovely people, those Soviets – try getting an appology from them.

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