Boycott Tumeke

Whaleoil isn’t happy with Tumeke! supporting Ahmadinejad.

Now, looking at the comments on the post in question we have this gem from Tim.

Tim Selwyn said… Scott: I want Israel wiped off the map too – wiped off the map, but not in the way the Jewish state has wiped the Palestinians off the map.

There are many times more Palestinians living today than when Israel was founded. Sure, they live in smaller areas – that’s due to their own stupidity in trying to wipe out Israel, a campaign they continue today.

In fact, their time of greatest prosperity and peace was when they were ruled by Israel directly. So if Tim want the opposite of that treatment, what is he asking for?

And he ends his rant…

The policy of people like Lieberman (who is now Foreign Minister of the Jewish State) is to herd the Palestinians into Jordan – what is that if not a policy of wiping Palestine off the map.

It’s called a “two state solution” – Jordan is after all, the Arab half of the old Palestinian Mandate.

Ah, but the second state has to come from Israel’s “bit”, and God forbid we ever take into account the bloodthirsty way that Israel has been attacked every day of it’s existence.

Tumke! seems to be very keen on getting rid of half of the world’s Jews, by excusing the inexcusable and encouraging Iranian state anti-semitism and racial hatred, not to mention their secretive nuklear program. Encouraging Iran at this point has only one end result – an new Holocaust.

I join the boycott.


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