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Well, what other conclusion can you draw from this?

The only thing depicted as controversial in the segment was Prejean’s answer to the question, not the question itself or Hilton’s attacks. Chen asked Hilton: “So give me a good example of how you think she should have handled it and still staying true to her beliefs, Perez.” Hilton basically called for her to have dodged the question: “A very simple way she could have answered it is, ‘as a future Miss USA it is my job not to be a politician, but to be someone who represents and inspires the women and the troops, and I think it’s great that the states get to decide for themselves.’ Something like that, she could — she would not have had to insert her own personal politics into it.” It’s good Hilton did not insert his “personal politics” into the pageant.

Hilton felt free to push his own personal politics in a non-political forum, but was infuriated when a conservative gave an honest political opinion when asked for one.

Well, the message there could hardly be clearer, could it?

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