How to make a total fool of yourself

How on earth can Jan Molenaar’s brother be claiming he is a “normal person who snapped” given the circumstances?

Peter Molenaar said his brother would normally calm down after an outburst but having shot three police officers and his neighbour, “there was no turning back after that. I think he knew that”.

Rumours Molenaar, 51, had been a Rambo-type figure, on steroids, or a P-user, were false, he said.

“He was just like anyone else, he was just getting on with his life and it was just disrupted that day.”

He also denied claims that people knew about the weapons cache stored at the house.

“Just like anyone else”… who happened to have cached weapons and explosives in the house.

Sorry, defending your family is one thing, but there comes a point where the truth cannot be spun.

MacDoctor pulls apart the nonsense arguments one by one – a sample.

First off the block is the tired old meme that the police brought all this upon themselves because they

a) disregarded Molenaar’s rights/privacy/mana/voodoo;

b) didn’t take the advice of Molenaar’s mother/partner/friend/neighbour/pet cat;

c) pissed off Molenaar because they were rude/intrusive/annoying/breathing loudly

d) had insufficient intelligence because they didn’t spy on him/check with his mates/ask his pet cat.

All of which is utter nonsense. This was a routine drug bust for a minor offense. It is not as if they were coming to arrest the man for murder. And the moron shot three unarmed men. That does not make him irritable, scared or startled. That makes him a murderous coward. Which brings me to the second stupid reaction.

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