Real Torture

From Gateway Pundit.

This is real torture.


There were gasps in the audience at a press conference by female North Korean defectors in Washington, D.C. on Wednesday when Bang Mi-sun rolled up her black skirt and showed the deep ugly scars in her thighs. The event was part of North Korea Freedom Week.

As soon as she was asked to recount her life in a North Korean concentration camp, Bang (55) stepped on a chair and roll up her skirt. Various parts of her thighs were sunken as if the flesh had been gouged out. She also walks with a limp.

If you asked me in a survey if this was acceptable treatment of suspected terrorists, I would say no – absolutely 100% not. Yet, North Korea does this to it’s own ordinary citizens who simply want to leave the country – something that people both here and in all western countries take for granted.

And we live in a world where the same term that describes this treatment is used to describe depriving a mass murderer of a little sleep.

Shame on us.

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