Stop the Real Torture

I blogged the other day about real, actual torture.


I said:

If you asked me in a survey if this was acceptable treatment of suspected terrorists, I would say no – absolutely 100% not. … And we live in a world where the same term that describes this treatment is used to describe depriving a mass murderer of a little sleep.

And here’s an example of how that’s done, with music.

Human rights activists seeking a ban on the use of loud music to exert psychological pressure on detainees in US custody are appealing to Bruce Springsteen and Eminem to join their campaign against music as torture.

Sorry, but I don’t see that playing music 24/7 is against the rights of someone who is letitimatily suspected of terrorism. Not using harsh interrogation techniques on such a person to me is abhorent and morally wrong, as it may be the only way of saving lives.

According to Reprieve, music that has been used ranges from heavy metal such as AC/DC, Aerosmith and Metallica to the theme tune from the children’s show Sesame Street.

I’m sure there are many parents who would agree with an assessment of those tunes as torture, but only in a tounge-in-cheek sense. I would suggest that if AC/DC or other heavy metal bands want to stop their music being used as torture, they stop playing it completely, but that’s a whole other post.

But when you put the tearing strips out of people’s legs in the same category as playingSesame Street over and over, you can begin to see why I have real problems with surveys about “Torture” that don’t define exactly what they’re talking about.

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