Back in the parallel galaxy that is the political left…

…the theft of large numbers of an opposition MP’s private correspondence (that required heavy “interpretation” to show any wrongdoing) is just a minor crime, but one that exposed a massive conspiracy of high public interest.

I cannot imagine a judge forcing disclosure in a highly political leak case in which there was a high public interest in exposure and the alleged crime is so minor.

When, when will these people learn that it’s the goverment that must be held to account, not the opposition?

Why on earth should the emails be so “interesting” when they showed less wrongdoing by the National party than the front page of the Herald showed of the Labour party of the last 9 years? Where are Helen’s emails for us to examine?

After all, Brash is acused of, at worst, trying to win an election by pack door means. That claim is demonstrativly false, and is all the more absurd given he failed.

Labour and it’s MPs on the other hand have been acused of

  • Assault (several MPs)
  • Fraud (several MPs)
  • Serious undermining of the neutrality of the public service
  • Corruption of various sorts, including the first MP ever put on trial (oh, and he only got kicked out for party disloyalty, the corruption was apparently ok)
  • Forgery of paintings and documents
  • Telling some pretty whopping and obvious lies (I didn’t notice how fast we were going, was it really 180k?)
  • Successfully rorting an election
  • And openly, I repeat openly skewing electoral law to disadvantage their opponents – a wrongdoing that they have now repented of in spades.

That’s what’s made the front pages of the news.

Let’s not even start on the cabinet member who was caught taping tenis balls in various places in consenting adults who also tried the same on non-consenting children.

HT: MacDoctor

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