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Well, it looks like I’m here according to this quiz. (HT: Big News)

NRT has an old chart – I’m interested in compiling a new one if people are interested.
My Political Views
I am a right moderate social authoritarian
Right: 4.73, Authoritarian: 3.15

Political Spectrum Quiz

I have to say I was a little surprised at my foreign policy score – I guess I’m more balanced than I thought.

My Foreign Policy Views
Score: 3.13

Political Spectrum Quiz

But it’s a bit hard to argue with my culture war stance.

My Culture War Stance
Score: 5.73

Political Spectrum Quiz

Comments on: "Where am I on the Political Spectrum?" (5)

  1. […] also a bit further right and more liberal than Halfdone,  and Lucia Maria at NZ Conservative and well to the right and more liberal than Dave at Big […]

  2. “I’m interested in compiling a new one if people are interested”

    I’m always interested in work avoidance – I came out as right moderate social libertarian:

  3. […] don’t think that will surprise any regular readres, but apparently, this filthy tory is going to graph the results of New Zealand bloggers, which sounds like a good […]

  4. adamsmith1922 said:

    Hope this helps, actually mapping this against rankings could be fun

    No doubt the lefties will not oblige! Freedom not being in their credo.

  5. I’m another right moderate social libertarian:

    I found it interesting looking at the comparison of myself to the average taking the test – I was actually left of average! Does this mean that only right-wingers are interested in these quizzes, or that the majority of people who actually look into politics enough to do such a quiz end up on the right, with lefties being elected by the uninterested masses? Somehow I expect the second…

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