How did he not get named?!

I have read the transcript of the Trev/Lockwood et al exchange yesterday, but watching the video is something else entirely.

From the transcript I got the impression that Trevor might have had a case. But then I watched the video.

Listening to it, it is clear that he was asked to apologise for the offense, not the actual word “liar”. The actual words were a reference to Key’s nose growing. But Trevor then made a mistake.

He decided to argue a ruling that was already made by the speaker. Because of his insistence on challenging the ruling, he was asked to leave the chamber.

Lockwood Smith was 100% right to describe Mallard’s subsequent behavior as degrading the dignity of the house. I’ve seen MPs who leave – usually they realise they are best to go quietly. The Duck however used some very expressive body language when getting up, and stopped at the door to have another say, slamming his papers on the desk next to the door. It’s impossible to call this anything other than utterly disgraceful.

It’s hard to see how he did not get “named”. I guess Lockwood was felling like being a nice guy at the time.

Thanks Whaleoil for the video.

Update: Origional version was completely incoherent – rewritten.

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