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Look closely at this picture – how many colours are there?


If you answered more than 3, you are wrong. Suprising eh?

To me, it looks like it contains

  • Pink
  • Dark Pink
  • Blue
  • Green
  • Orange

Yet it has only 3. I zoomed in and put the “blue” and “green” next to each other to demonstrate.


Crazy eh?

Found it on the wordpress front page, on this post.

It actually reminds me of the tactics of most political bloggers – take the worst your opponent says and compare that with the best your side says. In reality, differences are frequently much more subtle than we allow ourselves to believe.

(That’s not to say that subtle differences can’t lead to vastly different outcomes however.)

It reminds me very much of the smacking debate. What you think of a parents actions in pushing their child (for example) is very much related to how you frame the debate: do you see the child as playing up and falling to prevent the parent succeeding, or do you see the parent as someone who uses so much force that the child is forced to the ground? Do you see a parent being taught in the courts not to harm a child, or do you see a man who did nothing significant being subject to stress and family tension far more damaging than any harm from a simple incident?

Do yo see a child beaten viciously with a horse whip, or do you see a child treated harshly but fairly (not to mention effectivly) with a riding crop in response to a gravely serious incident?

Do you see a law that fails, or a justice system that decides based on all evidence and not just the headline facts? Do you see an attack on the courts, or a patching up of a bad law?

Do you focus on the unlikleyhood of a prosecution, or do you consider that reasonable should be legal? Do you consider something illegal if the courts would see it as such, or do you consider it illegal only if it’s prosecuted?

Do you consider that all should be done to save a single child’s life, or do you draw the line at driving fear into the hearts of every parent?


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