A NZ Political Spectrum Quiz

There’s been a lot of comments about the political spectrum quiz, such as that the questions are loaded or that it’s biased towards the US.

So I thought it would be an interesting idea to see if we can come up with some questions that everyone agrees aren’t loaded and are relevant towards the politics of New Zealand.

The quiz would allow a 5 point range of answers from strongly agree to strongly disagree, with 1 point given for a strong answer, half point to a mild answer and no score entered for a “down the middle” answer.

Please put your suggestion questions in comments, with scoring and rationale.

Here’s an example of what I’m thinking of:

Should parents have the right to use force “reasonable in the circumstances” when correcting their children’s behaviour. Scored: +1 authoritarian “no” , +1 libertarian yes

This wording is un-emotive, using the terms as per the old, disputed law. The question is regarded as libertarian yes as it trusts parents to decide discipline for their children.

Hm, not such a good example to start off with perhaps?

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