Labour Has a Really Bad Day

Item 1: A Labour party placed MSM story gets outed, along with a few details that were initially omitted.

And Labour have shown us exactly what their priority is for all the money their pixies are printing. It is to give out welfare to a couple where one partner is working, and they have over $600,000 of investment properties.

This is not turning into a good week for Phil Goff. It seems he literally does advocate welfare for millionaires.

And after saying they weren’t!

We see from this Twitter shot, that the story was obviously part of a Labour comms campaign. Goff twttering on it this morning, and asking questions in the House. So did Goff know this couple actually owns three propoerties worth around $1.4 million when he held them up as an example of why we should pay the dole to everyone?

Item 2: Phil makes a fool of himself in the house.

Hon Phil Goff: Why did the Prime Minister answer in the House yesterday that a person who has been made redundant and who has a spouse earning $26,000 a year is eligible for financial support for job search or retraining when he or she is not?

Hon JOHN KEY: Because it is correct.

Item 3:  Grant Robertson inadvertently admits that Labour reduced financial oversight of government departments. Worse, he’s horrified that this might have been reversed.

A horrified Grant Robertson claimed it signalled the resurgence of Treasury’s influence over the public sector.

Hang on. “Resurgence of Treasury’s influence?” Hadn’t his previous Labour government somehow banished Treasury to a corner where it could not exercise any influence over the financial performance of the public service?

Not like Labour cared about National policies that Labour turned back, in fact they seemed to make quite the song and dance when they did. In fact, they always do quite a lot of singing and dancing whenever anything happens!

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