Scamming Charity to avoid Embarrassment

A check of Whaleoil’s site reveals he had $900 to bid on a charity auction to spend an hour with the mayor of North Shore City, with whom Whale Oil has a running feud of sorts.

But the auction closed at $150.

So what gives? Well, the trail is pretty clear. In fact, it’s lit up with big flashing lights.

Ok so I missed out on the auction for an hour and half with the Clown from Campbells Bay.I did a little investigation though and it seems that Andrew Williams has scored a monumental PR disaster.

You see the person who won the the auction is selling a car. On the auction for the car they list two numbers. One of those numbers is 476-3999.

If you look at the North Shore City Council website it lists Andrew Williams home number as precisely that number. Also on the North Shore City Council Website is his profile which lists his family members.

Lo and behold the name of the winning bidder also happens to be the name of his daughter, who is selling a car and lists her home number as that of Andrew Williams.

Frankly, if you put up something for charity auction, it’s more than a bit off to do something to short change that charity. That’s what Andrew Williams appears to have done, just to avoid spending time with Cameron Slater. While there’s a lot of bloggers I wouldn’t like to spend an hour with*, if there was a choice between ripping off a charity and spending time with one of them, I’d laugh and do it for the charity.

If you really don’t want to spend an hour with someone, don’t offer to in the first place. All Williams has done is add ammunition to Cam’s case that he’s nothing but a clown.

*I’m not going to name names lest anyone get any funny ideas!

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