Well, this Paula Bennett thing is being hyped by all and sundry. I think MacDoctor has the most pertinent observation.

I would agree with Colin Espiner on this one, and ask really “what’s the big deal?” Colin correctly points out the Labour would have released the same information, but covertly, leaking it to a journalist or two, rather than releasing it officially.

This means that, essentially, Paula Bennett is being castigated by Labour for being upfront and forthright. My feeling is that Key should point this out in no uncertain terms, making sure that the public see the issues for what they really are. Hopefully, someone will actually lay a complaint with the commissioner, because, I am fairly certain, that she will find in Bennetts favour, her comments today, notwithstanding.

I suspect that Labour would have laid a compliant even if Bennett had done the covert thing. They’ve shown a distinct lack of shame when it comes to slamming their own favourite tactics when someone else uses them.

Considering this hypocrisy (especially that shown at The Standard) I came across my National Party membership renewal which hadn’t been actioned this year…

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