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A driver who killed two people in a high-speed car crash told police he was in a time machine and could become invisible above 100kmh…. Warren, who suffered from manic depression, told police he genuinely believed he could become invisible if he went above 100kmh.

Clearly he is insane – everyone knows that time machines only activate above 88pmh (141k)!

“I am delighted to hear dealers say that all of their salespeople are busy and they are selling more cars in a day than they had been selling in a month,” Stabenow said.

I’m sure the American people are just thrilled at their government’s ability to spend huge amounts of money in no time flat!

  • Speaking of the US and government money, they’ve got a great guy to run the US treasury – the Daily Show highlighted this last night.

Geithner and his wife Carole put their 5-bedroom Tudor-style home in Larchmont, New York on the market for $1.635 million in February, just days after he was tapped by the Obama administration to help lead the nation out of the worst economic crisis in a century.

The Geithners paid a premium for the house when they bought it in 2004, plunking down $1.601 million after a bidding war. The “exquisitely renovated” home was originally built in 1931, according to a listing for the 0.2 acre property.

“When the house first went on sale it was very evident that he was not going to get what he paid for it,” said Scott Stiefvater of Stiefvater Real Estate in Pelham, N.Y. “He was [bound] to lose some money.”

Outside of his apparent ignorance of the tax code (he claimed items it was explicitly illegal to claim as expenses) how reassuring is it to have a guy in charge of turning around the housing market who puts his house on the market for a higher price than when he bought it?

Or maybe his wife is making the decisions?

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