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Field from Left Field

One of the advantages of having registered every single known public interest blog in Google Reader is that you can use the power of Google to quickly and efficiently find who’s bothered to comment on certain issues.

I thought it would be interesting to post reactions from the left.

Just left:

First thing first; if you’re looking around for someone to defend Taito Phillip Field, keep on looking because you’re unlikely to find it here. I hope they throw the book at him.

Then he’s off to attack Bill for spending most of his time in Wellington.

Kiwipolitico discusses cultural issues and concludes

Transculturalism is complicated.

Toad at really put the boot in.

I knew Field as a “fellow” (gag!) unionist, long before he got into Parliament.

He was a sleazy scumbag, and lazy to boot – even then he was more interested in his personal agrandisement than the interest of the people he was employed to represent. I won’t go into all the details here, but there was a particularly unpleasant night in a bar when I and several other unionist were asked to cover for him (and look after his wife who was there too) while he and a couple of others made a surepticious sojourn to a brothel.

How he ever got a Labour selection is beyond me – I guess it was to try to ensure they retained the Pacific Islander vote, but I knew then that his was a very poor selection.

And then Helen Clark made the error of judgment in making him a Minister. Who knows why. But it came back to haunt her – her continued tolerance of him after the scandals started to become public dragged the Labour Party down in the eyes of the public.

I’ve said before, and will say again, that Clark’s tolerance of Field is one of the 5 main reasons voters decided the Labour Government had to go (the others being their continued defence of the pledge card expenditure, the continued tolerance of David Benson-Pope and Winston Peters who were also electoral liabilities under serious suspicion of impropriety , and the debacle Mark Burton delivered with the Electoral Finance Act. In the two previous terms Clark was quick to address alleged impropriety – as Marian Hobbs, Lianne Dalziel, Ruth Dyson, Dover Samuels and David Parker (briefly, and correctly briefly in his case, becasue it was soon revealed he had done nothing corrupt) discovered to their detriment.

Anyway, Field is a traitor to the working class, and it is now official.

As someone who generally supports non-custodial sentences for crimes that don’t involve violence, I accept there have to occasionally be exceptions. Lets hope this scumbag rots in jail for several years.

Finally, No Right Turn.

Taito Philip Field has been found guilty on eleven of twelve counts of bribery and corruption as an MP, and 15 of 23 counts of perverting the course of justice.

Good riddance.


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