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Thought I’d take some notes from the first section for those not watching

  • There’s a school of though that says kids are born perfect – this is bollocks
  • to train children, we have punishment for wrong, and encouragement for right
  • Punishment has disappeared
  • He deliberately got a teacher to cane him in order not to appear gay!
  • This didn’t turn him to a life of crime
  • It hurt, and he decided to be good from then on
  • Nowadays we have the “thinking chair”
  • Little Johnny burns down the school. Injures various staff. Has to sit in thinking chair – can bring blanket, support person, lawyer parents etc. Asked to think about making better choices. Can’t offend self-esteem so can’t call them “bad choices”.
  • Electric execution chair is a graet thinking char!
  • Has a skit showing a modern “telling off” – the child “owns his behaviour” then goes out and repeats anyway

It’s a great show, with fantastic humour and boking the borax at the so called “experts. Sadly, I saw the first one then missed it for several weeks.

In fact, after the first episode I haven’t seen a single promo for it. That coupled with the unexpectedly short ad breaks in the first (I have a 6th sense when it comes to changing the channel back 🙂 ) makes me wonder….

Ok, next bit.

  • Professional clown interviewed – finding children’s behaviour changing since he started years ago
  • Now gets heckled by 5 year olds
  • Only one child needs play up to change everything
  • Children punching and kicking him in the groin in the middle of shows, get up, hit, sit down – no one does anything
  • Children are attracted to poor behaviour
  • Kids have discovered that poor behaviour “pays well”, with increased attention
  • Parents are apparently laughing at poor behaviour (i.e. assault on clown) by their own children.
  • Clown says parents a’re frightened, and ignoring poor behaviour
  • Redirection works brilliantly for little kids. Just tell them that there are lions behind random door in the supermarket, or fairies for girls (or squash faries for boys!). Solves about 90% of bad behaviour problems, will believe anything they’re told. [Really, this is simply interacting with your children and feeding their imiganations – you can also get them to do educational things like not numbers they recognise in the supermarket]
  • Directed attention – use their desire for attention to your advantage
  • Microwave timer useful for kids being too slow. Put on for 2 min, parent counting tends to extend 3..2..1/2 etc. Microwave freaks them out cos they know it’s going to stop.
  • Sticker charts – give leverage, little kids are weird, will swap just about anything for a sticker on a chart.

3rd bit.

  • Timeout – it is a punishment (of course). Kids aren’t sitting down and listing reasons why they shouldn’t set the cat on fire (makes list! 🙂 )
  • They’re bored
  • Forget about “don’t put them there” – just find somewhere they don’t like. Some kids hate being in the corner, some hate their own room.
  • What about staying in timeout? The secret is a bolt on the door! It’s not like a prison cell, those have toilets. No fat blokes who want to be friends either.
  • Fighting over door just creates a conversation and winds people up.
  • The Ladder of Certain Doom!?!
  • Nothing worked for client
  • He remembered being sent to bed early.
  • Kids get home from school 3:30 – 8pm bedtime. creates a chart with 15 min slots
  • Kids start each day at top, get marked down on timer for each offense
  • Don’t ask twice
  • Have jobs they can do to earn back time – brilliant as gets stuff done
  • While naughty house will get sorted, but then they twig and no free work
  • Suggests something that I’m not going to blog!
  • They can decide whether to do jobs or not – it becomes their problem
  • Case: Child protested loudly at school and swore at teachers
  • John was simply being a snot
  • Told parents to go to war
  • Teachers told to ring home and parents took home if misbehaved
  • Put child in empty room, rewarded with items being put back
  • Took about 2 times to realise that he wasn’t going to win and reformed himself
  • Setup consequences, make the bad behaviour the child’s problem

Update: Had the name of the show wrong – title updated.

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  1. Rakaia George said:

    It’s a bloody excellent series Scrub, we find solutions to things we do wrong and reinforcement of the things we do right in equal measure. The Ladder of Certain Doom will be arriving on our fridge tonight!

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