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Garrett Must Go

I agree with Idiot/Savant – Garrett is way, way out of line.

This sort of thuggery is not acceptable in the modern world. It is particularly not acceptable in Parliament. Threatening or intimidating an MP in the course of their duties – effectively trying to bully them into not performing those duties – is a very serious breach of Privilege, regardless of whether it is done by a member of the public or another MP. Parliament can not function when MPs are physically threatened for their political views and for representing their constituents.

A complaint has been lodged, and hopefully the Speaker will pass it on to the Privileges Committee. In the meantime, one thing has become abundantly clear: David Garrett is a bullying thug who has no place in our Parliament.

Lovely that Idiot is so strong in his condemnation. He’s right – the threat of violence is absolutely unacceptable behavior in an MP.

You’d think a MP actually hitting someone would have even stronger language and a call for a privileges committee hearing or resignation. But you’d be wrong.

Ah well. I’m sure I didn’t get too excided about Mallard’s fist fights and bashing Clarkson either. After all, it’s just a Labour MP, we’ve expect that from them.

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