Evil Interrogation

It’s all over the news today – the USA was mean to terrorists!

The gun and the drill were brought into an interrogation session of suspected USS Cole bomber and alleged al-Qaeda commander Rahim al-Nashiri, according to US reports says BBC News….

The CIA report says the drill was held near Saudi-born Mr Nashiri’s head and repeatedly turned on and off, the reports said.

The agents showed him the gun and tried to frighten him into thinking he would be shot says BBC News.

In another case, a gun was fired in another room to lead a detainee to believe another suspect had been killed the broadcasting station reports.

So they scared them, without harming them. An this is somehow news? What exactly do people think is supposed to happen to terrorists who are interrogated? This isn’t some guy who was accidentally picked up off the streets, he’s someone they hunted and captured, someone who may have had information that could have saved thousands of lives.

I knew western society was soft, but this is unbelievable.

I’d say we’re seeing another case of what I will call “yes vote syndrome” – a very small group making a very loud noise while everyone else ignores them.

Unfortunately, those people are in charge both here and the US.

Chose your weapon.

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